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vita beata

"blissful life"

vita |vi・ta|



1.  Italian for "life"

"a way or manner of living"

beata |be・at・a|



1.  Italian for "blissful"

"full of, marked by or causing complete happiness"

about the shop

Hello & welcome to Vita Beata Boutique where creativity meets eco-friendly! 

My name is Allyssa, the owner of the shop and lover of all things creative and eco-friendly/reusable/non-toxic! After years of creating my own cards for special occasions, I decided to begin selling some my work. I always had a sure sense of guilt after receiving greeting cards myself, as they typically would just sit in a cupboard or a drawer for years to come.. never to be looked at again. I wanted to solve this problem and create a more environmentally friendly version. A greeting card that can provide more than just a one-time greeting. 

*Enter PLANTABLE Paper*


I am happy to say that these cards are made (in Canada!) with post-consumer materials and are fully biodegradable (no trees harmed in the making!). They have seeds embedded within them which allow them to be planted, creating a lasting keepsake in remembrance of the kind gesture of card giving! How sweet is that?!

Each of these cards has been designed and hand-drawn/painted by myself. I print, cut, fold and package each card and experience great joy in seeing all of the positivity being sent around!


I look forward to coming up with new products and designs for you all soon!

xx Allyssa

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